Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starting Over

I have decided that it is really time to get my butt in gear and begin really writing again. I don't know how often I'll post but I'm hoping to write about my journey from unpublished to well, hopefully published novelist!

Currently you can find me writing at:

Two Kids plus Trips!

Tightwads with Triplets

and as a contributor at Multiple Bliss on Blissfully Domestic

Here I plan just to write about writing :) Currently I am working through one of my favorite writing books: First Draft in 30 Days

I haven't gotten very far - right now I'm just working on the character portion but I hope by recording my progress and writing thoughts here that I will get myself in gear!

My main character is Ashley Parks a Forensic Psychologist who counseled abused and traumatized children. She preps child witnesses before they testify. In this series she interviews children who have witnessed murders and then through her expertise helps to solve the cases.

I think she is an interesting and fun character and I can't wait to see how the story develops.

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